Reinviend solutions collaborates with Sweetest Moments to release the SweetDropz Vending Machines. (Reading time: 2 mins)

Moving beyond their well established retail shops, Sweetest moments has released a new line of SweetDropz gift redemption Vending Machines. Located in the four prime locations across Singapore, Sweetest Moments frees the customers of the consumer hustle. No more travelling far or waiting in long lines to redeem a gift, the gift redemption Vending Machine allows customers easy access to all their favourite sweet pastries and cupcakes.


Photo taken from the Sweetest Moments website


With this new system, all customers need to do is go online, receive a QR code and redeem it at any of the nearby machines. All the products are kept fresh and cold at 4 degrees Celsius, with stocks replenished daily. By transforming and digitalizing their vending machines, SweetDropz is able to make their products more accessible to their customers; and at a much cheaper cost. Moreover, with the digitalization, vending machines can do real-time tracking of stock, on-the-spot customer service, and integrate an online to offline (O2O) digital marketing system for various e-commerce retailers and vendors.

Photo Taken from the Sweetest Moments website

By transforming and digitalizing their business model, SweetDropz is able to connect far more efficiently and effectively.