Reinveind solutions help create a secure method of gift distribution in Marina Bay Sands. (2 min read)

Marina Bay Sands has many unique gift redemption opportunities and programme. Most memorable is their “12 days leading up to Christmas” initiative, where to redeem a gift, shoppers had to spend a specific minimum amount. Those who met the amount could redeem a different gift every day in the 12 days leading up to Christmas. Currently, MBS has an ongoing membership gift redemption programme where they are giving out limited edition collectable figurines, tote bags, luggage tags and much more!

Using a manual 2 Factor Authentication on Vending Machines, MBS is able to give out their gifts far more effectively in a completely secure and automated process. In order to redeem the new gifts, MBS members have to swipe their membership card on the Vending Machine. Following which, they have to them key in their unique password.

Using this mechanic, MBS is able to create an automated, secure system that meets new safe distancing requirements.