PPE Vending Machine

PPE Vending Machine (@reinvend_solutions)

Automate issuance of office supplies by vending machine can save up to 1 admin staff’s time to do higher value-making tasks and eliminate product wastage up to 30%.


  • Almost anything available

Other than snacks and drinks, vending machines can now dispense:

  1. PPE
  2. COVID self-testing kits (ART)
  3. Stationery
  4. Digital gadgets
  5. Staff welfare gifts for in-house HR campaigns

24 hours, 7 days.


  • Material Cost Savings

Vending machines are equipped with HID / MIFare readers or QR code readers to identify staff and track their usage. It eliminates the chances of abuse, in turn translates to cost savings for companies.

  1. Cut down the stationery cabinets per office level with 1 stationery vending machine at a common area.
  2. Vending machine doubles as an inventory storage space
  3. First-In-First-Out inventory turnaround


  • Improve staff productivity

Reduce an admin staff’s time to issue supplies as vending machines are anti-theft and working 24/7. Realign job scopes, automate routine tasks and focus on value-building activities.

It was a challenge to distribute supplies when we have WFH arrangements. To coordinate timing with different shifts was a nightmare. Our vending machine removed the need for my team to schedule time for everyone.

– Company A

Stationery Vending Machine

Stationery (@reinvend_solutions)


  • Ease in supplies procurement 

Vending machines equipped with telemetry system gives a fast and easy overview of office supplies inventory level. Stock-out alerts are available to keep the office supplies in check. Procure supplies at recommended quantity and time when needed.

Online Telemetry Platfrom

  • Set staff redemption quota to manage costs

Setting quota of redemption for different employees or departments on the vending machine. Quota can renew monthly, weekly or daily. Manage costs better by tracking employee’s usage rate.

Now, Antigen Rapid Test (ART) Self-Test Kit Vending Machine is trending for office distribution. Track staff’s usage by setting reminders and quota of redemption to protect the company from COVID risks. Consult our team for a vending quote with ART kits!