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How to Fix A Vending Machine

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Vending machines are becoming popular for lucrative business strategies. Technological advancements have greatly improved today’s vending machines. Now we can see a different variety of vending machines with a better user interface and customer experience.

In the earlier days, we only could think of beverage and snack vending machines. But now, the creativity in this field is endless. You can find vending machines of almost all types, from t-shirts, masks, and stationary to fresh salad bowls and hot drinks.

But like every device, vending machines can also run into some bugs. Here we will discuss some commonly observed problems and solutions in a vending machine.

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Vending Machine Problems and Their Fixes

The absence of regular vending machine maintenance can lead to reoccurring problems in a vending machine. If your vending machine is located in a busy place, it might develop a negative image of your business. Regular passersby of that area will know that this particular vending device is usually not functioning correctly. To avoid inconvenience, they might not use your vending machine.

Here is a complete guide where you will learn about possible problems with a vending machine.

1. Payment Rejection

One of the common problems faced by consumers is bill rejection at the vending machine. The coin or cash can come back due to various reasons. Here are some of the possible causes for payment rejection.

  • Bill Acceptor Malfunction

The bill acceptor device is prone to get problems after regular usage. Its regular maintenance is crucial for effective functioning. Malfunctioning of the bill device may lead to bill rejection.

  • Not Enough Change

The machine can detect counterfeit money through weight. The weight of the fake money/coin is lighter than the original. If the vending machine detects a lighter weight bill, it will reject it.

  • Dirty/Contaminated

MoneyCash goes through a lot of hands in its life. If the ink on the dollar is faded or worn out, it might be rejected, affecting readability during the money scan.

Solution: To fix the bill rejection problem, you can clean the money receiving tray from the inside. Put out instructions in a pictorial form for the consumers to insert the cash in the right direction. Also, get your bill acceptor device checked to see if it is the reason for bill rejection.

2. Product Gets Stuck

It can be annoying when your favourite crisps from the snack vending machine get stuck. People often kick, punch or shake the device to get the snack down the delivery tray. But it is perilous as it can damage the internal of the machine and mess up the arrangement of products inside the vending machine. It could be due to the improper placement of products inside the machine.

Solution: Instead of shaking the machine, you can   It will help to release the stuck product in the machine.

3. Machine Not Maintaining Temperature

Imagine getting a warm juice on a hot sunny day. It surely means the temperature and air compressor of the vending machine are not working correctly. Weather conditions can affect the working of electronic devices. Increased temperature requires extra monitoring of the machine. Your engine might be getting warmed up too quickly. Some products require a specific temperature to be in consumable condition. Temperature fluctuation can adversely affect product quality.

In contrast, If the product is next to the wall, it might freeze up due to the low temperature.

Solution: Check the temperature thermostat to see if it is changed. Also, get technical support to ensure the air compressor is working correctly. Analyze your power supply and wire connections to see if they are damaged or not. Keep a distance between your products and the wall of the vending machine to avoid product freezing in case of low temperature.

4. Vending Machine Keypad Not Working

People can encounter the problem where the vending machine does not pick up their command to dispense the desired product. The buttons might not be working correctly. We have seen how people start to press all buttons to see if the machine responds to any function. But it can be due to a faulty keypad, broken switch, or insufficient power supply to maintain the mainboard.

Solution: The latest vending machine models include a touchscreen that is more reliable than buttons. Although it too can run into problems. Try to clean the buttons or the touchpad with a disinfectant to remove germs and contaminations. Restart your machine. If the issue is not resolved, you might need technical help for keypad replacement.

How to Reduce Vending Machine Problems?

Are you constantly running into vending machine problems? Then it would be best if you looked at the overall condition of the vending machine. Is it too old or an outdated version? The quality of the vending machine plays an essential role in executing a steady functionality. The latest vending machine models are designed keeping in mind the possible mechanical problems. Improved technology has significantly reduced the requirement of maintenance.

ReinVend Solutions (RVS) provides you with innovative vending machine models. We acknowledge the need for improved functionality for sustainable business growth. Our equipment and services can provide you with measurable improvement in technology and success.

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Change to Cashless Options

Cashless is a new option to pay and many do not know the exact steps to pay causing machine time-out / incorrect payment to remove.

Set clear instructions on the machine to guide consumers the different ways to pay, improving user experience in multiple tries, it will help create vibrations and release the stuck product.

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